Andalusian School of Public Health - University of Granada Granada

Andalusian School of Public Health - University of Granada

The Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP), located in the city of Granada (Spain) within the University Campus, provides training, consultancy, co-operation, and research services in the healthcare sector. Both the public health and health services management perspectives are built into all EASP projects.

Indeed, the School is unique among other European Schools of Public Health because of its in-house capacity to link educational and research potential with national and international consulting activities and then commit those resources to the transformation of healthcare organisations. Further synergy is provided by the School’s division of international cooperation, which also contributes to transforming healthcare organizations on a global scale.

The integrated approach enables the Andalusian School of Public Health to leverage all capabilities leading to the generation, dissemination and implementation of knowledge through the products and services it can provide.

The products and services by the School are characterised by this approach, which forms the very basis of the EASP’s mission: to generate, promote and apply knowledge in the field of public health and health services management through its activities in training, researching, consultancy and international cooperation.

From the legal standpoint, the School is incorporated as a public limited company.

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Andalusian School of Public Health - University of Granada

Campus Universitario de Cartuja - C/ Cuesta del Observatorio 4 Granada E-18011

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Granada and surroundings

The province of Granada holds an unimaginable quantity and variety of tourist attractions in an area of just 13,000 square kilometres: the Alhambra, the most visited monument in Spain and one of the most beautiful in the entire world; one of Europe’s best ski resorts is in the Sierra Nevada; and, just an hour and a half away by car, we swap the snow for the beaches of the Tropical Coast, which enjoy enviable temperatures all year round.

It is this diversity of climates, scenery, produce and resources which allow us to declare the province of Granada a tourism micro-continent.

There are so many possibilities at any time of year: culture and historical monuments, rural and activity tourism, snow and sport, bucket and spade holidays, conferences and incentives, leisure, senior citizens..

The city of Granada bewitches visitors with its history and monuments. It has a top notch cultural calendar, a whole range of festivals and traditions, and a lively atmosphere generated by more than 60,000 students at Granada university. Granada is life, happiness and hustle and bustle in the taverns and pubs within the areas of the city of the ‘movida’ (nightlife) such as the student area of Pedro Antonio de Alarcón, the familiar Campo del Príncipe at the feet of the Alhambra or the exotic character of the Calderería with their tea houses full of oriental flavours and smells.

For lovers of nature and rural tourism, the province is home to five natural parks and a national park. Peace and quiet which can be soaked up in the little villages in the Alpujarras, an almost unspoilt area, entice visitors to remain there forever. Inland areas, like the Marquesado and the Altiplano, show an incredible contrast between almost moonlike desert landscapes and the leafy vegetation of the surrounding hills. Granada Poniente, in the west of the province, has an enormous islamic heritage.


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